Soy Wax Melts - Musk Sticks

Dusty Blend

Enjoy the fragrance of our Soy wax melts in our delicious scents. They have been specially chosen to enhance your home fragrance experience.

Musk Sticks a sweet, comforting fragrance of our child hood. With notes of Rose and Musk for the powdery scent through to the warm sweet scent of Cotton Candy, Vanilla and White Carnation. Ending with Jasmine and Marshmallow.

All of our wax melts have been made using quality wax, and kept with a natural colour (no colourants have been added) Our wax melts have the maximum fragrance load per fragrance. Which allows our wax to solidify properly. Too much fragrance can hinder the wax from setting completely. 

The 6 cavity melt pack holds approx 70g

Directions on How To Use:

  • Remove melt from packaging, by pressing upwards from the bottom.
  • Place 2-3 cubes into the top of your electric or oil burner/melter.
  • Turn on your burner and enjoy your chosen scent filling your room and house.
  • Once there is no longer any fragrance coming from the melt, let the wax cool and discard. If it is hard to remove, try placing it in the freezer as this will shrink the wax slightly making it easy to remove.
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