Tween/Teen Gift Pack - MAE YOU BLOOM

Lunar & Mae

Our beautiful  'Mae You Bloom' gift pack is designed for tweens or teens, who are wanting to start their personal hygiene and cleansing routine with natural products. It makes the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or special celebration.

The face and body products are all made using natural ingredients. As the tweens/teens approach and start puberty, their skin begins to change due to the hormonal changes that occur during this time. Their skin may become oilier, resulting in acne or pimples, and their body odor will change.

These natural products are perfect for the tweens/teens to begin a good routine for cleansing and nourishing their skin, naturally and gently.

Pack Contains:

  • Zest Botanicals Light Hydrating Moisturiser (30ml)
  • The Naked Soap Company single serve face mask (2 x pk) - 1 x Bentonite Clay and 1 x Pink Clay, with mini spoon
  • NO PONG Natural Deodorant (35gm)
  • Dusty Blend Pink Himalayan Salt Bar Soap
  • The Naked Soap Company Natural Lip Balm - Strawberry (10gm)
  • Popcotton Linen Scrunchie

Product Information:

Zest Botanicals Light Hydrating Moisturiser - delivers essential nutrients and vitamins to maintain healthy, balanced skin.  Made using natural and organic ingredients. Lightweight makes a perfect fit for Oil/Acne Prone Skin.

The Naked Soap Company face mask - are rich in minerals and are great for detoxifying the skin and absorbing excess oils. Natural, vegan, preservative free.

NO PONG Natural Deodorant - all natural baking soda based deodorant, no synthetics, no palm oil. Citrus scent with a hint of vanilla.

Dusty Blend Pink Himalayan Salt Bar Soap - perfect to cleanse and exfoliate the skin naturally, and it smells divine!

The Naked Soap Company Natural Strawberry Lip Balm - packed with moisturising ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Vegan, palm oil and preservative free.

Popcotton Linen Scrunchie - you can never have enough scrunchies!

The gift pack contains products that use re-usable or recyclable packaging. Our gift pack packaging has also been specifically created to be recycled or re-used. If you are like us and want the specific details, click here to ready more about our packaging.

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