From sustainable period products to pampering treats, we help women and girls look after their bodies and the environment.

Confused about the best products to prepare your daughter for her first period?

There’s no doubt the range and options of period products have drastically changed over the years.

We’re more conscious about the products we use, and their impact on the environment. But more importantly, we know we need to end the stigma, and have open conversations with our girls about the changes their bodies are going through.

Lunar & Mae is here to help you navigate those decisions and conversations with lots of smiles and a minimum of awkward looks.

A fresh approach to periods

We know how difficult it is to find sustainable period starter packs here in Australia.

It was actually my search for products and information to prepare my daughter for her first period that led to me starting Lunar & Mae. You can read more about our story here

Not like other first period kits

We’ve sourced the best range of products to prepare your daughter for her first period. We want her to feel safe and supported. And we want her to embrace self-care and relaxation as she blossoms into a young woman.

We are:

  • Natural and sustainable: There are a wide range of products that are better for the environment, but the choice can be overwhelming. We source only the best quality natural and sustainable period essentials. We also provide gifts and other products without unnecessary plastic and packaging.
  • Family-owned: With a young daughter, I saw a gap in the market for natural and sustainable items. I also wanted to help other families introduce period essentials and pampering to their daughters in a kind and fun way.
  • Locally sourced: Where possible, we support locally owned brands and products made in Australia. But if there’s not a high-quality, sustainable product available, we’ll source products from the best overseas suppliers.
  • Approachable: We provide information to make it easy for you and your tween to select the best period products. We’ve created a safe space to provide information and answer questions about periods.

Preparing for periods

Watching your child grow up can be hard. And compared to puberty, the toddler years begin to look pretty easy.

You know you need to prepare them for their first period and the changes her body is going through. But if they’re like most kids, they’d probably rather watch you dance in the supermarket than have that conversation.

Your child’s first period can be a great bonding experience, and opportunity to connect with them as they begin the journey towards adulthood.

Preparing for the first period is at the heart of our business, Lunar & Mae is so much more. With a carefully curated range of pampering products, we’re encouraging self-care at any age.

We’re excited to be launching this journey – we’d love to have you join us.

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