Growing up on the land, I have always been conscious on the environment. I have always had compost bins, chooks, recycled and re-used where possible. For me, this was a very important part of starting my business as I was disappointed with the amount of plastic most gift boxes contained.

So many months of research has gone into the gift pack and general packaging. I know there is still so much more to learn, but I feel good knowing that I am doing my part to support local businesses and the environment while creating these beautiful packs for tweens and women to enjoy. 

Gift boxes -  sourced from Pack Queen. Australian Made and Owned. See their details here 

Small icon stickers - printed at Sustainable Printing Co. Environmentally friendly printing, see details here 

Outer gift box tape & large sticker - printed by noissue. Using soy-based inks, water activated tape, acid free paper. Read more here 

Shredded paper - purchased and shredded in house at Lunar & Mae

Mailers - 100% compostable mailers from noissue

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