Got a question about our natural sustainable period products?

If you’re like us, you’ll want all the information before you order. We’ve included some of the questions you’ve asked us (and the ones we like to ask ourselves when buying products online).

Something else you want to know? Head over to the contact page and get in touch.


How do you choose your products?

Our focus is on products that are natural and sustainable, and preferably made here in South Australia. But that’s not always possible, so we find the best alternatives in Australia or overseas. As a small business, we also try to support other small businesses.

We source products from a range of suppliers. We’ve tried to support local small businesses from our own region, the beautiful Barossa Valley or elsewhere in South Australia.

Lunar & Mae was born from my search for suitable products for my daughter, so we’ve left no stone unturned to find the best natural and sustainable (and local) products.

 Can I make my own gift box?

We’re happy for you to select products to send as a gift. Just let us know at the checkout and we’ll organise to box them up.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the contents of our gift packs.

Why natural?

Why not? But seriously, we’re conscious about the environment and the small changes we can all make to reduce the impact on our planet.

And with so many high-quality zero and low-waste alternative now available, we think it’s important to encourage girls to choose natural and sustainable products from the start.


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