Period Absorbent Underwear - Full Brief Moderate flow


JuJu Absorbent Underwear offers absorbent, leak-proof protection for a comfortable, environmentally friendly and worry-free period!

The Full Brief is designed for those who like full coverage across the hips and backside with a waistband which sits high up, close to the belly button. They are an ideal choice when you need extra protection, like overnight.

Moderate absorbency: This absorbency can be worn alone for a regular flow, or worn as a backup for your menstrual cup or tampon on heavy days. One pair holds up to 10ml of fluid (equal to one regular tampon) and contains 1 absorbent cotton layer, 1 ultra-absorbent cotton terry towel layer and a breathable waterproof backing layer and a silky-smooth nylon/spandex outer.

Designed with comfort in mind, JuJu Absorbent Underwear is tag-free, comfortable, breathable and easy to care for.

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