Leakproof Bikini Underwear
Our classic Bikini will give you maximum leakproof protection all day and night.  + Absorbs 25ml of fluid (3 Tampons)+ Wear for up to 12 hours+ Fabric: Cotton | Elastane + TPU liner+ Australian owned UNDERWEAR FABRIC Fast absorbing, durable...
Menstrual Cup Case (2 pack)
Pelvi have designed this super handy storage case for your menstrual cup. Featuring a soft silicone cover that can keep your cup clean or for you to use on the go. The case is waterproof, fits all size Menstrual Cups...
Mini Menstrual Cup
The Pelvi Mini Cup is a great choice for women new to menstrual cups, beginners and those who prefer a mini tampon. Our comfy teen cup is much smaller than the regular Pelvi Cups, and one of the only menstrual cups...
Natural Intimate Wash
Pelvi Wash is a natural, pH-balanced medical grade intimate wash. It naturally disinfects and cleanses your intimate device, and was created as a medical grade wash to clean MEDIballs Secret and Pelvi Menstrual Cups. PELVI WASH HIGHLIGHTS Vegan + Natural...
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